Concentration and Focus

Another extract from a longer satsang, Questions and Answers from India, 2004

Part of the Dynamic of modern life is that we have to set priorities.

Machines should be doing all the work for us…. that was how it looked 50 years ago, but actually the machine age, the computer age, has made life faster and faster, and therefore overloaded us.

Yoga has a great part to play, because it can take us away from this overload by allowing us to spend time with ourselves. But as well as overload, we may lack concentration because of unresolved issues in our life. Here it’s important to have strategies to help us resolve issues, often with the help of someone else.

If, in our lives, there are things that we really do not need to do, and we do not want to do them but we are doing them anyway because of pressure from other people …..

….. now listen on ….

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