Awareness is neither good nor bad. It is neither male nor female. It is neither light nor dark. It is neither this nor that. It is here and now, and beyond, yet paradoxically, it is in the very heart of everything. This understanding is inaccessible to our conceptual mind but can be intuited in moments of stillness.

May Christmas be a time of reflection

The festive season is upon us. For some it is a time of joy and celebration; for others it is a time of sadness or challenges. However it is for you, may it be a time of reflection on what we are doing, where we are going and what we are. May you be blessed and feel supported.

Questions and answers to trainee teachers, November 2019

Topics under discussion include:

Yoga Nidra, Yoga and Scientific findings, Bhakti Yoga, Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, ‘How I came to Yoga’, Yoga in the NHS, Teaching Yoga, Esoteric and Exoteric Yoga and finally a Meditation on the Heart space.

‘Nothing shifts in a Yoga class…. you just become more aware of more subtle aspects of your being and the fact that you are conscious. Nothing changes…. it’s like you’re creating a sense of spaciousness even when you are walking or even when you are working….   …. Awareness means you know, experientially, “I am conscious”. So that’s the challenge… to bring Yoga into our daily life so that there is magic in everything we do’

Swami Nishchalananda

Short meditation on inner space

A short meditation taken from the end of the October 2019 Teacher Training question and answer session.

‘You’re not denying thoughts, you’re not denying feelings, you’re not denying anything,

but you are identifying with the inner space

in which the mental phenomena are arising and taking place.’

Meditation on the Heart Space

A guided meditation given on the ‘Song of the Heart’ course at Mandala Yoga Ashram, Wales.


Teacher Training – Q&A

Questions and Answers from student teachers

on the 2019-22 Teacher Training Course at Mandala Yoga Ashram, including:

How can we promote diversity in our Yoga classes?
What is the ‘virtuous path’ in a world of conflicting moral beliefs?
What is the difference between relaxation and meditation?
The different paths of Yoga.
The different traditions of Vedanta, Samkhya, Yoga, Tantra, Ashtanga.

Two Meditations

Two meditations from the recent course at Mandala Yoga Ashram, in October 2019.

Who it is that feels, sees, thinks through the medium of this body?

Can the mind be stilled by the breath, so we can reflect more deeply on what is this life?


Kriyas, and the practice of yoga.

A Satsang given on the evening of May 2nd 2019 to students on the third of the Kriya Yoga course sessions.

Topics include a discussion on  –

Kriya Yoga

the limitation of concepts

the speeding up of life

modern life helps to liberate us from prejudice

being receptive but transparent

yoga helps us to find meaning and balance, and releases our potential

my life in India

and finishes with a short meditation centred on the Heart.

Silence – a guided meditation

What is the basis for the underlying silence? Is it because your mind is quiet, or is it because the silence is there anyway and the fact that we are always so busy ….. we don’t perceive the underlying silence?

This guided meditation set the mood at the start of the evening questions and answers one evening of the May 2019 Kriya course at Mandala Yoga ashram. The actual Q&A session is in a separate post.


Whose Life is it?


We should be passionate about life and do our best in every situation, but at the same time we should first of all know that ‘our’ life is not really our life but the play of Reality or Conscious Presence. Secondly, we should know that life is but a bubble in the ocean of Eternity.