Will and Free Will

If I identify one hundred percent with this body and mind, then I’m a puppet in the storm.

Swami Nishchalananda

From the point of view of Individuality, we feel that we have free will. We feel this because we have Ego, an ’embodied sense of self’. Our feeling that we can choose our direction is part of that. But it becomes less strong if we start to get in osmosis with a greater Will.

To allow such an osmosis to happen requires humility. A more intuitive knowledge becomes available also, and archetypal skills can be tapped into releasing creativity in whatever skill or pursuit you follow. This osmosis has the potential to allow us to move our identification from the ego, to something greater.

Swamiji says: As a consequence of this osmosis one can allow a greater energy to flow through, and with this perspective, then from an egotistical level there is no choice, but on a deeper level there seems to be because it’s the essential Self that’s coming through. It’s a paradox, that can never really be understood whilst one is embodied as a human being. It’s transcendental, but you can’t verbalise it, otherwise it would stop being transcendental.’

This is an extract from a longer post. To hear that full session, see A question and answer session from India

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