I am Conscious

Swami Nishchalananda gave this meditation as part of the Advaita online course given in October 2020, hosted by Mandala Yoga Ashram. If one could truly connect with the simple truth within the meditation, it would have the potential to transform one’s life.

Appreciate how the merest thought allows this body to act, to make movements.
Appreciate others around us.
Appreciate Life, especially that we have been given tools to allow us to explore it more deeply.

Meditation doesn’t always have to be done with closed eyes. So with the eyes open, looking, Swamiji asks us to appreciate the fact that we are conscious of seeing. 

What is this Consciousness?

With the eyes open, and feeling a sense of spaciousness, it’s easier to say ‘I am Conscious’.

So is thinking the source of the experience of being conscious? Is the Mind the source?
If we can be conscious of thoughts then how can thinking be the source of of consciousness?

What is this Consciousness?

Any answer you give is a concept, therefore cannot be the answer. But we are Conscious.

Identify with the fact that you are Conscious

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