You Are What You Are

The sessions from Satyananda Tapovanam in January 2003 continue with this session from the 5th January. Question driven, it shows Swamiji in an uncompromising mood regarding the essential nature of being beyond the personality and mind. The quality is the best this editor can provide using professional noise reduction on the original recordings. But there is still microphone noise in places which I’m guessing is due to microphone placement at the time of the session. And I can’t do anything about that, so sorry. It will not mar your enjoyment of Swamiji’s incisive style and deep perception.

First a question, ‘what is the grace of the Guru’.  Grace is fundamental in all religion, but when we talk about grace in Yoga, Swamiji sees it as an impersonal thing, not that the guru or teacher has a magic wand, but rather that grace happens and the guru or teacher is the medium for that sometimes.

Can Grace be ‘earned’? It’s unlikely, because experiences of Grace seems so random! Look at St. Paul on the road to Damascus; there was no obvious reason why he deserved such an experience. And on the other hand, someone can meditate and pray with great fervour but grace does not come. Perhaps it has it’s own logic but it doesn’t seem to be human logic.

Ultimately, does it matter? Whether Grace graces you with enlightening experiences? Isn’t it true that you are what you are, whatever you may think about what you are? Does it matter whather you chase realisation, or material wealth? Is the call to follow a path of spiritual realisation a call from your fundamental nature, or a call from the ego? 

This is the paradox of being human, yet having an impersonal aspect. The transcendent, and the immanent.

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