Education and Yoga

Another ‘interview’, this time in a more informal setting. On the beach, on a beautiful autumn day in Southern Sweden looking out over the Baltic Sea, the waves making an audio backdrop to our conversation.

A casual conversation about the role of an ashram, led us to this discourse from Swamiji as we sat and watched the seabirds and enjoyed the cool sea breeze warmed by a late autumn sun.

In this movie short, there’s a development from the idea that children come into this world, perhaps in a relative state of freedom from the conditioning that they have to take on board in order to survive in the world as adults.

Perhaps much of the conditioning is a reflection of the way others see the world; their opinions and prejudices?

Can we encourage children to learn and develop in an atmosphere of freedom? The suggestion is that a gentle introduction to Yoga brings the possibility of freedom to the developing mind.

This leads on to the idea that a familiarity with Yoga and spirituality can lead some to want to go further. To really explore the fullness, the myriad techniques within Yoga, Tantra, Advaita, that allow us freedom in body, mind and emotions.

And of course a Teacher who lives that freedom to guide the student.

Then…. just maybe…..

…. we can find the maturity as a species to stop trashing the planet and start exploring the richness of existence which is our birthright.

Please enjoy this short movie……

movie and music by Narada
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