Satyananda Tapovanam 10th January 2004

Another from the series recorded at this Ashram near Bangalore. A series of topics are discussed between Swamiji and the people who were there with him, and again, the recording is as good as we can get it given the ambient noises of nature all around… which leads on to…

…the first topic which someone raised – our connection with Nature. Some interesting stories here including:
The Blue Cow (!!)
Ronnie’s Leopard … real or a fiction?

The discussion moves on to Swamiji telling the people there of his early practice of Yoga in Northern Ireland, and his meeting with Swami Satyananda, who of course was to become his Guru.
There is also a discussion about the way people see Divinity; as a form, or the formless?

Please enjoy, click on the recording below to listen.

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