The Lokas

The second archive recording from Satyananda Tapovanam, near Bangalore, India. Swami Nishchalananda gives an exposition on the Lokas, which are regarded in Hindu Symbolism as ‘celestial realms’, but also have a more practical application to understanding the ‘realms of consciousness’ that exist within a human experience. It is this aspect that Swamiji explores in this atmospheric, friendly interchange from January 2004 in the Bangalore ashram.

Every effort has been made to edit the sound quality; we have to accept that these recordings were made in an impromptu way. We’re lucky to have them! To me (editor) they convey a delightful atmosphere; people dropping in and out, and a hungry-sounding cat right at the start!

The Lokas represent increasingly ‘rarified’ levels of existence starting from the Physical realm, the Bhu Loka, right through to the Satya Loka where the individuality is absorbed into pure consciousness.

The Bhu Loka, the Physical plane, is where we live in our waking life. But the Physical world is actually mostly space, science tells us that, so this realm may not be as ‘real’ as we think it is. Swami Nishchalananda points out that actually, there is a brain centre which allows us to be aware of our physicality. When that shuts down during sleep, we have no perception of this level and are free to become aware of other Lokas.

The Lokas are then explored in the discussion, one by one; Bhuvar Loka as the plane of ‘vital energy’ which is there in all matter, not just living things. Svar Loka as the realm of mental activity, thoughts and the mind, Tapa Loka as the realm which may be considered the realm of Saints and those with very tenuous connection to their individuality (although Swamiji suggests that anyone embarking on a path of self-exploration starts to open this level of awareness). Satya Loka represents the absorbtion of individuality into underlying Reality and is not a state in which an individual can continue to live as a human being for very long.

For a fuller description, please enjoy listening to the Audio below: