Coronavirus awakens us to essentials

This coronavirus epidemic is a challenge for all of us. Many have already been infected, and many have died. Many have already suffered financially and many more certainly will. To these, let us feel our heart-felt compassion. Let us feel gratitude for those on the front line – medical staff and so forth. Let us help in any way that we can.

Since the virus doesn’t respect national, racial, political and religious borders, the positive aspect of this epidemic is that it unites us in facing a common challenge. We realise just how connected we are on the global stage. It has taught some of us patience – having done what is essential we have to just wait to see what happens. Then we just have to relax and stop worrying – after all, if we can’t change things, we may as well just enjoy each moment as a gift.

All those reading these words will have been exposed to Yogic teachings and had an insight, or just a glimmer, that there is One Reality that unites us all.

Most of us have been given some respite from the furious pace of modern life. Let us use this time to look at the flowers and the trees quivering in the breeze; let us appreciate the wonder of nature. Let us look within to find the stillness that is ever present below the noise of the mind; let it nourish us.

Let us breathe in, to feel grace; let us breathe out and let go of our anxieties. Let us take this present moment as a gift.

Swami Nishchalananda

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