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As editor of this blog, I copied some 200 minidisc recordings to digital media while I lived at Mandala Yoga ashram. This forms the major part of the archive material. The recordings now need editing.. That job will take me a few more years; as long as I’m able I will publish edited recordings as my travels allow.

Tony Sugden (aka Narada)

Swami Nishchalananda has been giving satsangs, meditations, guided practices from quite early on in his time spent with Swami Satyananda in India. But it’s only since the early 21st century that some dedicated people who followed Swamiji to Europe and on his annual trips to India, started recording him onto mini-discs (a now redundant technology). Recently many of these archived recordings have been transferred to digital media so they can be edited and published.

Now you can listen to these sessions for the first time since they were originally recorded.

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