Satsang webinar from Sheffield, UK

A Web based event organised from Sheffield, Yorkshire, with questions and answers on such topics as:-

In Mantra Yoga, most of the chants and mantras are in the Sanskrit language. How important is correct pronunciation of the words, or is the efficacy of mantras more to do with our motivation?

If your intention is good, then the positive effect will be there

Swami Nishchalananda

What does Yoga have to do with the Hindu Religion? The images of Gods and Goddesses and associated mythology seem to permeate traditional Yogic practice.

You don’t need to believe anything, it’s a practical system….. you don’t need to believe in gods and goddesses but we can accept that other people can find them transformative.

Yoga should not become a religion practised by a few. It should be a way of life, a way of opening up, and this is what’s happening all around the World

What is the difference between Hatha Yoga as the practice of asana / postures, and Hatha Yoga as briefly talked about in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras?

Hatha Yoga practised as gymnastics is not going to take us into the deepest experience for which it is designed.

And other questions such as:-

Are there specific meditation techniques we can use to let go of emotional patterns that we don’t find useful?

The concept of Kundalini when working with the paradigm of the Chakras

The Buddhist practice of Metta – ‘Loving Kindness’

What is Spirituality?

Link to the video >>>>> Swami Nishchalananda in Sheffield

Please note that in places the sound and image is not great; bear with us, we are all quite new at doing web based seminars.