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Guidelines on living a sane and meaningful life

Let us try to bring quality into our life: Health. For good health let us practise yoga, reduce junk food and whatever is necessary to maintain reasonable physical health. Inspiration. Find inspiration within. Again by practising yoga every day, even just a few minutes, to realise and identify with the Source of inspiration. This inspiration […]

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There is suffering, yet there is One

I am not oblivious to the horrors of the world and I don’t understand why there needs to be so much suffering. Yet my intimate experience of the Mystery is so strong that I just have to admit, though I don’t understand this suffering, that it is all part of the One.  At the same […]

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Conscious Presence

Everyone and everything in the universe, known and unknown, is part of the network of Reality. We may love and hate, we may accept and not accept, but these attitudes are just expressions of our individual mental conditioning. Whether we are disagreeing or agreeing, liking and disliking, let us be Aware. But what is it […]

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