Online Satsang, January 8th 2022

Swamiji gave one of his regular online transmissions on Saturday morning, 11 am European time (10 am UK time). He started with a ‘Meditative Advaita Journey’ as he called it, being a guided meditation but also giving his understanding on aspects of that meditation at the same time.

There were a few questions this time, but one in particular regarding the relationship of Consciousness to the world of things, objects, took him into a discourse from an Advaita, non-dualistic, perspective. This is also very relevant to Tantric ideas, as he said at the end. The imagery of Shiva and Shakti represent the infusion of Consciousness in the material Universe.

The meditation has been extracted from the video, and is also available as an audio recording.

We have chosen to once again put the videos and audio meditation onto this Website. Please enjoy. Below is the video track.

And here is the audio track: