Webinar for invited guests, June 2020

A Guided meditation followed by Questions and answers, this Zoom based Webinar was hosted by Mandala Yoga Ashram and invited guests from the UK and around Europe.

The meditation was based on the Chakras, specifically, visualising the colour related to each Chakra.

Questions and Answers included the following topics:-

Q: When we meditate, is it advisable to have eyes closed, or is it also ok to have the eyes open, as in some Buddhist meditation.

Swami Nischalananda: It doesn’t matter. With the eyes open, it’s still possible to be aware of how the mind is working. It may be better for someone who is of an introverted nature, to meditate with eyes open sometimes. Conversely someone who is naturally extroverted may do better with eyes closed.

Further topics of Synchronicity and Predetermination……..

If we are sufficiently open, then we can see that everything is a miracle

…. led to Swamiji’s observation on a question about the ‘Akashic Records’ that the subtle space beyond physical space is actually the world of archetypes, and every thought, every feeling, has an archetype.

Please click HERE to enjoy this video of the event.

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