Monthly Archives: Oct 2019

Two Meditations

Two meditations from the recent course at Mandala Yoga Ashram, in October 2019. Who it is that feels, sees, thinks through the medium of this body? Can the mind be stilled by the breath, so we can reflect more deeply on what is this life?  

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Kriyas, and the practice of yoga.

A Satsang given on the evening of May 2nd 2019 to students on the third of the Kriya Yoga course sessions. Topics include a discussion on  – Kriya Yoga the limitation of concepts the speeding up of life modern life helps to liberate us from prejudice being receptive but transparent yoga helps us to find […]

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Silence – a guided meditation

What is the basis for the underlying silence? Is it because your mind is quiet, or is it because the silence is there anyway and the fact that we are always so busy ….. we don’t perceive the underlying silence? This guided meditation set the mood at the start of the evening questions and answers […]

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