Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Essential Nature of ‘I’

What is this ‘I’ with which we so identify and which we spend our entire life-time feeding, pampering, protecting and re-producing? What is this ‘I’ that we fear for after death? Will the ‘I’ be extinguished or will something survive? For thousands of years, yogis, sages and seers, as well as the yogic texts, have […]

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The Edge of Infinity

When I was eight years of age I had a dream, a very lucid and vivid dream, that repeated itself over a period of some weeks. I dreamed that in my search for Truth I traveled endlessly into space passing uncountable stars and galaxies. Eventually, I reached the edge of the universe. There I found […]

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The Pathless Path

All religions, philosophies, systems and sciences are different fingers pointing at the moon (symbolizing Reality). They do not and cannot encompass Reality. This includes the systems of yoga, tantra and advaita.  Realization of the Reality behind our embodied existence can only take place when the sense of ego-identification temporarily dissolves through meditation, reflection, insight, love […]

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